April 22, 2018


2! WARNING You must carefully read and understand this entire manual before using your SUBGEAR XP Diving has many inherent risks. Even if you follow the instructions of this manual in a careful. 1 SubGear XP Computer Diver Unique Specialty Course – INTRUCTOR MANUAL Rev. r1 SubGear XP Computer Diver INSTRUCTOR MANUAL.

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Descrizione Del Sistema Page 95 Settings 2. Switching On The Display The foot safety stop timer turns off if you drop below 20 subgear xp10 manual pdf. Pianificatore di immersioni Pianificatore di immersioni PLn: It has subgear xp10 manual be manually activated. If atmospheric pressure is below subgear xp10 manual 8. It does reset to air after each dive so you’ll have to go to the menu and change to the different gas number corresponding to the next tank.

Nothing’s changed there, apart from the fact that they’re now on a CD-Rom, so are not available when you’re mnaual perplexed by it all in a small manhal, and about to dive. Comment Utiliser Xp10 En Surface Page Protect the environment and dispose the battery properly.

You have to hold a button for a subgear xp10 manual pdf seconds to turn on the backlight, but it’s only needed at night. Page Al termine delle immersioni attendere almeno 24 ore subgear xp10 manual di intraprendere un viaggio aereo.

A diving accident can be analyzed subgear xp10 manual any time in the logbook and downloaded to a PC by means of the infrared interface IrDA and Dive. Leaving The Dive Planner Of course, I couldnt remember which button to subgear xp10 manual when it came to it, but pressing the wrong one caused no problems.

Displaying The Date We thank subgear xp10 manual for choosing Subgear XP-3G and we hope you will enjoy safe dives in the future! Voor een snellere gegevensoverdracht kunt u de hoge instelling kiezen, maar niet alle IrDA- interfaces zijn compatibel met deze instelling.


To start the communication, turn on XP10 and place it so that its infrared port subgear xp10 manual in front of the infrared interface. Page Een duik wordt pas in het logboek opgeslagen wanneer deze langer heeft geduurd dan 2 minuten.

Beim Eintauchen wird der XP10 durch den Wasserkontakt automatisch angeschaltet. Table of contents I Safety Considerations So I guess the question about switching gas remains.

Thats a plus point. Statistic information From the time of day subgear xp10 manual you can get subgear xp10 manual following statistic information over all dives.

All settings can be checked and changed directly at XP10 or via Dive. Bevestig met dat u de IrDA-snelheid wilt veranderen.

Subgear XP-Air help

Het gehele hoogtebereik van de XP10 is verdeeld in 5 sectiesbegrensd door een gegeven barometerdruk. Subgear XP-3G records the profiles of about 25 hours of diving. Page 35 Subgear XP-3G WarninG If no-stop time drops below 3 minutes, an audible attention signal is activated, the no-stop value subgear xp10 manual the nitrogen subgear xp10 manual bar begin to flash.

After 20 subgear xp10 manual more years, this algorithm has been successfully used without incident by a very large number of divers. Iii Immergersi Con Xp Logbook Page 3 If a dive is started within adaptation time after a change of altitudethe adaptation manyal is displayed instead of the surface interval.

Subgear XP-Air help | ScubaBoard

Avoid at all costs getting the SOS display after a dive. The short answer is that subgear xp10 manual Sub Gear XP10 is a direct descendant of the Aladin Pro, an instrument that at one time was considered the acme of the diving-computer designers achievements. Subgear XP-3G monitors the battery level throughout every dive, and if the available energy drops below the warning threshold, Subgear XP-3G will automatically disable the subgear xp10 manual to prevent a computer shut down.

Confirm that you wish to change the subgear xp10 manual by subgear xp10 manual “On” or “off” starts to flash. Page 90 Settings 1. Diving With 2 Or 3 Gas Mixtures 2 gas subgezr gas 1 and djust ignore the parts describing the gas 2. XP10 displays the estimated remaining battery performance for 5 seconds as a bar graph.

Push until the Bail-Out menu appears. Table Of Contents Water contacts I guess I’d say the other critique I have of it is that the numbers are pretty small and hard to see.

Safety Stop Timer In deze situatie zullen alleen de segmenten die al zichtbaar zijn, knipperen.